3 reasons why you shouldn’t wash your activewear with normal clothes

3 reasons why you shouldn’t wash your activewear with normal clothes

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  • Date Sep 13, 2021
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When it comes to washing sweaty sports clothes, chucking them into the drum with the rest of the dirty laundry is common practice.

We may have learned to separate lights from darks (usually the hard way, with that random red sock that turned everything pink) but apart from this basic distinction, mostly anything goes together. 

Activewear is just that, it gets used frequently, & often ends up a bit smelly, so it tends to be washed after every use. This means that without the right kind of care, it can wear out quicker.

Phil Taylor, founder of Gymspin, has three simple reasons why you should wash your gym kit separately from the rest of your clothes...

1) It will last longer

Quality activewear such as Lululemon, Sweaty Betty and Nike, should be able to withstand daily use, however, if you’ve plumped for premium workout gear it’s worth protecting your investment with a little extra TLC.

While hand washing is ideal, it’s not always practical, so consider putting on a separate wash just for your kit. If you have to wash it with other garments, place it in a separate bag, like a lingerie bag or a microfibre bag, to protect it from snagging on other fastenings, to prevent the threads pulling or laddering, & so it looks good for longer.

Activewear is often made with sweat wicking material & quick-dry technology, so unless you need to wear something straight out of the wash, it should dry fast naturally hanging on a line or an airer, versus the tumble dryer - which isn’t great for stretch clothing.


2) It can handle cool temperatures

We learn from a young age that hot water is best for killing germs. So, it’s easy to assume that a hot wash is better at getting things really clean & rid of smells & stains such as mud or grass.

However, this isn’t true of modern detergents, which can work just as effectively at 30℃.

Most manufacturers stress test their materials which is why the care label carries a recommended temperature. Anything above it is usually detrimental to the lifespan of the garment, causing faded colours & degrading the elasticity.

Recommended for use at 30℃, Gymspin uses a deep cleansing enzyme complex with antibacterial benefits to remove the microbes that cause that persistent, stale sweat smell.

3) A specialist sports detergent will re-energise your kit

You wouldn’t use a shampoo or a moisturiser that isn’t for your hair or skin type, would you? 

So, why treat your activewear like your jeans or sheets when it needs specific care? Gymspin is a specialist sports detergent that’s been lab-formulated to take optimal care of your sports kit, & it’s biodegradable & dermatologically tested so it’s safe for sensitive skin.

Optical brighteners revitalise vivid colours while the innovative phytofocus scent technology gives the fabric long lasting freshness & a performance boosting fragrance to put you in the training zone.