3 proven steps to build better habits!

3 proven steps to build better habits!

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  • Date Jan 27, 2022
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Studies suggest that it can take up to 6-9 months to build a habit and this develops from what you do, rather than what you think. This can feel like a considerable amount of time & commitment for a change to become automatic! This was the conundrum we had at Gymspin HQ.

The problem =

  1. How do I deep clean my activewear sustainably, without affecting its quality or performance?
  2. How do I keep my activewear box fresh from the off?

    Both scenarios required a change in action & for us to do something differently within our conditioning routine, consistently & over a period of time to habitually deliver results.

    Professor Wendy Wood, author of Good Habits, Bad Habits. Has identified 3 simple hacks for creating healthy habits:

    1. Shape Your Context: 

    Context refers to everything in the world surrounding you, except yourself. We often don’t realise how much our actions are driven by our surroundings & the pressures on us, so to introduce new actions that create new habits, we need to prep. i.e. Have a separate washing basket for your gym kit so when it’s full you can do a GYMSPIN wash without mixing in with your regular clothes. You then have fresh & clean kit to attack your workout.

      2. Invest In Repetition: 

      Repeating an action increases its accessibility & prominence, so that if you’re in the same context again, that action quickly comes to mind. So, a habit will only build if you’re consistent. Hence, the GYMSPIN flexible subscription that helps to keep you locked into good behaviours!

        3. Rev-Up Rewards:

        Positive prep will get you starting on the right foot, and repetition will keep up initial momentum but it’s the rewards, even if they’re minor, that will help to seal the deal with habit formation. These need to be bigger & better than normal as time goes on to maintain the dopamine realise given from completing a task. So, smelling great, having reduced distraction in the gym, maintaining your wardrobe performance & quality, preventing textile waste & saving money on activewear expenditure, will all add up & keep you on track for permanent change. The positive consequences will energise & invigorate you, enabling you to form your habit & meet your wider goals.

          Hopefully these top tips can help you think less & do more, in the quest of driving change, to create a healthier, happier life.